About Rose Tent

Rose Tent is a coming of age community for girls ages 8 and older. Led by caring, wise women, Rose Tent creates a safe place for girls to find their voice, where diversity is celebrated and she can learn to trust her-self. Girls will learn to practice authentic expression, emotional & physical self-care, and have lots of fun exploring nature.



Our mission is to cultivate girl’s circles that are supported by the listening ears of caring wise women, to provide an environment where the girls will develop skills and knowledge in order to thrive in the world and are infused by parent participation during their journey into womanhood.



Creating a community of sisterhood where each girl feels supported and can confidently navigate the changes into womanhood.

Offering rites of passage ceremonies and camps where girls are celebrated and supported

10 + years of dedication to each girl through the Rose Tent program, with the opportunities for girls that have become young women to mentor future girls or start their own girl’s circles

We vision a girl’s circles in every community as a sanctuary for girls to band together in sisterhood and learn to value the unique differences of one another.

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What will girls receive from rose tent

Support by trained mentors who will teach girls skills and knowledge to add to their toolbox as they journey into womanhood

Empowerment to take charge of their physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being

Discovery of their inner wisdom of their bodies, strength, assertiveness and confidence through exercises showing the power of choice



We see an engaged community supporting girls on their journey into womanhood.  Through a conscious exploration of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual offerings we look to nourish, uplift and empower each one’s well-being.

Together we rise, stronger through each other, more compassionate through authentic relationships and wiser through a deep honoring of the natural cycles and rhythms of life. 

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