Amber Melendy Bio

I have a deep love for children. In 2004, I was introduced to Waldorf Education and immediately felt a resonance to their spirit infused way of educating children. It just made sense. Honoring our natural rhythms and cycles each day and exploring the earth’s cycles is essential to supporting our wholeness and cultivates a natural respect for all of life.

Rose Tent is a coming of age program for girls ages 8 and older. Led by caring, wise women, Rose Tent creates a safe place for girls to find their voice, where diversity is celebrated and she can learn to trust her-self. Girls will learn to practice authentic expression, emotional & physical self-care, and have lots of fun exploring nature.

Sacred Stages
Passage of Time
Awakening to the Rhythms
Cycles of Life
Honoring All Parts
Frees Your Body and Mind
Break free of limitations - self-imposed, externally built
Your greatness
...to be honored, respected, allowed
Be True to YOU
Sacred Sister of the Hoop
We walk in humbleness, love and beauty
Gather Round
Tell your Friends
Let's remember Together
tell stories, whisper sweetness, laugh, play, create, jump, shout, dance, sing, hold hands, listen...
Your Fierceness and Gentleness are Welcome Here