Authentic Living + Deep Respect + Fierce Loving

= Connected Existence

Questions to ask to yourself.

Authentic Living – Am I living in alignment with my truth?

  • Am I honoring myself?
  • Is this (fill in the blank) honoring me?
  • Do I feel free or bound?
  • Do I express myself fully? With love?
  • Do I know my purpose? Am I living with purpose?

Deep Respect – Am I grateful?

  • …for the resources that sustain my life?
  • ….for the relationships that support me?
  • …for my body, my home?
  • ….for my journey including both the challenges and the beauty?

Fierce Loving – Am I living from my heart?

  • Do I live from my heart or my head?
  • Am I living in the present moment?
  • Can I hear my inner voice?
  • Can I let go of the past? (resentments, etc)
  • Am I able to forgive myself and other when I get hurt?