Rose Roots
Creating the Sisterhood


In the Rose Roots program we are rooting down to create a place of safety through establishing an inclusive culture, building foundations of a trusted sisterhood and exploring how we are all connected through nature.

Rose Roots - Session Topic Outline

  1. Welcome - creating the safe container- establishing foundations of sisterhood
  2. Emotional Intelligence - Exploring the range of emotions and learning ways to express how we are feeling to others and ourselves.
  3. Intuition Tuning - listening to the wisdom of our body and learning to trust ourselves
  4. Assertiveness - finding our voice through peaceful communication and healthy boundaries
  5. Embracing changes - reflecting on cycles of the moon, seasons in nature and changes in our emotions and bodies

My Amazing Body
(5 Sessions)


In the Rising Sisters program we are rising up to celebrate our amazing bodies. We will tune into the guidance of our five senses as we explore the systems of the body through creative art projects, interactive activities and body movement.  The more we connect through using our senses the more in tune we become with our inner wisdom. 

Rising Sisters - Session Topic Outline

  1. Sight - Body Image - How do we view ourselves and others?
  2. Sound- Listening to outer and inner voice
  3. Touch - Feelings - Connection with Emotions
  4. Taste - Digestion- Healthy Foods
  5. Smell - Respiratory- Breath-work

Animal Guides
(7 Sessions)


In the Rose Tent- Animal Guides Program each girl will choose and work with 7 personal animal guides to help her through her journey.  Through body movement, meditation, nature experiences and an animal art project we will connect with the animal world to allow each girl to choose her guides.

Rising Sisters - Animal Guides Session Topic Outline

  1. Root - Earth Animals- living under the surface
  2. Sacral - Water Animals - learning to flow
  3. Solar Plexus - Desert Animals- finding our fire
  4. Heart - Forest Animals - the compass of our spirit
  5. Throat - Communication with Animals
  6. Third Eye - Animal Spirit Guides
  7. Crown - Building a Personal Animal Totem of  7 Animal Spirits




Plant Guides
(7 Sessions)


In the Rose Tent Plant Guides Program each girl will choose a circle of  7 plant allies to accompany her on her journey. Through this process we will learn to identify and harvest native, edible and healing herbs and encourage building a dialog with each plant. Girls will learn how to infuse their plant allies into their lives through aromatherapy, tea and infusion making and other plant honoring traditions.

 Plant Guides Session Topic Outline

  1. Root - Learning to compost- emotions- recycling what we no longer need- building the soil
  2. Sacral - Collection and processing water- when to hold and when to let go - flowing
  3. Solar Plexus - Plant the seeds of intention
  4. Heart - Nurturing- Self Care and Caring for other beings
  5. Throat - Learning to listen deeply- communication with plant spirits
  6. Third Eye - Plant Spirit Guides - Intuitive trusting of plant allies
  7. Crown - Building Personal Plant Totem - 7 plant guides


Earth Elements & Magical Minerals
(7 Sessions)


The Earth's energy is released through its minerals and stones. In the Rose Tent - Earth Elements and Magical Minerals Program we will learn about elements in the earth’s crust and our waterways, mineral elements and their functions in our body and gemstones for each element - earth, water, fire, air. Gemstones vibrate to a wide range of energies existing in the elemental forces of nature.

We’ll explore different configurations of gemstones and working with crystal grids to bring about a desired intention.

Earth Elements and Magical Mineral Session Topic Outline

  1. Earth - Element of foundation- learn grounding elements in the earth’s crust
  2. Water - Element of transforming-learn minerals found in water
  3. Fire - Element of purifying- minerals our body needs to stay healthy
  4. Air - Element of Body Frequencies - vibrating at higher level for health
  5. Metal Silver - Exploring shapes and structures and how they affect us
  6. Metal Gold - working with grids and sacred geometry to bring about desired intentions
  7. Create a personal gemstone circle of 7 mineral allies

Moon Sisters
7 Sessions) 


In the Moon Sisters program girls will work towards preparing for a vision quest in nature. Each girl will prepare tools that she will use in a final ceremony as she moves into the next stage of her journey.  After completing the 7 sessions, an overnight vision quest and a ceremony to celebrate the woman she is becoming will be held. Girls will be guided and supported by a wise woman council through out her vision quest. Each girl who completes this program will be honored as a Moon Sister. Moon sisters are invited to join us as mentors for future girls in upcoming Rose Tent programs.

Moon Sisters - Session Topic Outline

  1. The Mask- working through the stories that we tell ourselves – create a ceremonial mask
  2. The Sacred belt – learning when to hold on to something and when to loosen and let go
  3. The Staff- growing skills to know when to ask for help and when to be alone
  4. Medicine Bag- using animal, plant and mineral allies we will create a healing medicine bag
  5. Spirit of the Rattle - communicating with nature through song and rhythms
  6. Sacred Necklace - Honoring our voice and finding our individual truth
  7. Creating a Sacred Headpiece - Honoring our connection with nature and spirit
  8. Rite of passage overnight camping Vision Quest and Ceremony using all the tools created


*Prerequisite: Girls 13 years and older who have completed:

Rose Roots Program / Rising Sisters Program / 2 of the Spirit Sisters Programs