This natural interdependent web of life makes me feel connected to every plant and living being. Every breath and moment has a rhythm and is precious. Music has always been a part of my life and the power of using song to transform is something that I hold dear to my heart. I loved it so much that I began a 15 year career as a Sound Technician traveling the world. Yoga has been a part of my life for over 12 years and has helped me feel grounded no matter where my work takes me. In the many years of traveling, I have learned the value of having strong grounded roots in a community that accepts you whole heartedly for just being You, exactly as you are.

Jess Kovach in Wekiva Springs.jpg

          My life was changed when I met a wise woman in the community who invited me to a gathering called the Red Tent. It was incredible. This is a sacred space held in women’s homes, where each woman is honored and the circle listens to anything that you have ever wanted to say. I realized in that one night, it had taken me over 30 years to finally find my tribe of sisters. Over the next 2 years something really shifted in me spiritually. I felt called to have a stronger community,  completed 2 Yoga Teacher Trainings, went on several vision quests and attended the Wise Woman's Conference in Black Mountain N.C.  After teaching kids yoga and meditation I really felt a deep love and gratitude to the inner wisdom of children.  Through many hours of meditation this vision of holding Girls Circles has become stronger and more vivid than ever.

When we heal our wounds we can hold the space for girls to be celebrated as they move through their changes. My heart sings to share the gifts I have gathered with women and girls in our community. I am so passionate to hold the space for each Girl’s sacred journey into womanhood!