Holistic Well-Being - A Guide to Wellness

The Rose Tent understands and honors the wellness needs to raise healthy girls in our community. Through Holistic Well-Being we incorporate these four needs in each session to provide a healthy environment. We strive for a future where girls are thriving and healthy in all aspects of their lives.

Physical Well-Being- Through the foundation of the physical well-being, we honor our physical body's needs and wisdom.  We guide girls to tune into their bodies through vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch, balance, breathing and intuition. Respecting their own bodies as well as the body sovereignty of others. In the Rose Tent, girls are encouraged to protect and care for their bodies. We model ways to embrace the cycles of being a woman as she moves through puberty and begins menstruating. Through yoga, meditation and nature connection activities we honor the Mother Earth for all the gifts of life.

Emotional Well-Being- The Rose Tent is a place where girls can explore their feelings. We believe emotions are allies that share important information with us. We provide a toolbox for girls to work with when their emotions feel "too big" or overwhelming.  We create a safe place where girls can be uniquely who they are and know they are completely supported. We discuss the rollercoaster of changes they are experiencing and encourage them that their feelings are healthy and okay.

Social Well-Being- An inclusive culture is a foundation in the Rose Tent. We demonstrate how to consider the feelings and needs of others, while still caring for themselves. Through activities and exercises, girls practice finding their voice, being kind and assertive and learning to define healthy boundaries. We model healthy listening, inclusion and standing up for others. Through these practices, girls are experiencing a collective sisterhood of connection and belonging.

Spiritual Well-Being- In the Rose Tent, we honor all spiritual beliefs. We provide girls with the tools to deepen their own spiritual beliefs through experiences and connecting their self with nature. All backgrounds and beliefs are welcome.

Holistic Well-Being  is used in planning  each session to ensure that we are creating a healthy space for girls to thrive as they journey into womanhood.