Guiding Through Wise Woman Ways

Wise Women by Jess Kovach

Wise Women by Jess Kovach

In the Rose Tent we are inspired to guide from a tradition of Wise Woman Ways.  

Guiding from the heart of Wise Woman Ways allows us to:

  • Respect, observe and learn from nature

  • Trust our intuition and body wisdom 

  • Honor all life in the interdependent web of our planet

  • Build personal relationships with our plant, animal and Earth element allies 

  • Celebrate and value all stages of being a woman from maiden to crone

For thousands of years, people lived in nature and developed a strong communication with everything around them. By being immersed in natural environments our sense of touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight are amplified. The more that we use our five senses to perceive our surroundings, animals, plants and each other, the stronger our intuition becomes.

What is intuition?

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary: 


  1. A quick and ready insight
  2. a: Immediate apprehension or cognition b:  Knowledge or conviction gained by intuition c:  The power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

Intuition is the knowing; the “gut feeling” that we feel and often have a difficult time explaining it rationally to others. We perceive information through our skin, nose, mouth eyes and ears. Through our senses our nervous system responds viscerally and this is the feeling in our stomach. Intuition is activated when our entire body becomes the communicating instrument of many forms of information.

In the Rose Tent, we guide by connecting girls with nature and learning to trust the wisdom of our bodies to deepen our intuition. The more we can connect with nature the greater understanding we will have about our bodies, emotions and this incredible life we are living.