An Invitation to Fathers

A father’s presence is so important during a girl’s coming of age process and can shape how she sees herself in the world. Between the ages of 8-21 is the time when daughters greatly benefit from supportive caring fathers / male role models.

Many women have shared with us that they remember their fathers becoming distant as they were going through puberty. This is the time when they needed to know they were supported and loved more than ever. The words and actions during this time in a girl’s life can affect her self-esteem and how she views her value in the world.

Now is the time for fathers to be welcomed to share a part of this journey with their daughters. 

"Fathers can model good female-male relationships and respect for women in a wide variety of roles. Fathers can change the narrow definitions of their daughters worth and support their wholeness. They can teach their daughters that it is okay to be smart, bold and independent.

Supportive fathers have daughters with high self-esteem and a sense of wellbeing.  These girls were more apt to trust men, to feel confident in relationships with the opposite sex and to predict their own future and happiness. They described their fathers as fun, deeply involved and companionable.” Reviving Ophelia - Mary Pipher

Fathers who are emotionally available to their daughters give a sense of comfort, security and a space where she can explore who she is authentically becoming. 

How can you be a part of your daughter's journey into womanhood?

  • Reflect on how women and girls are viewed in society and question how we can change our language as a culture to empower girls
  • Build intentional relationships with your daughter and her mom by being emotionally available
  • Focus on her strengths
  • Showing her acceptance and letting her know you value her for how she is in this moment
  • Meet her where she is at and get involved in activities she enjoys
  • Empower her through letting her make choices
  • Cheer her on, no matter how long it takes for her to find her path.  She may slam doors, roll her eyes and say unkind words and when she sees you still holding space for her, you are giving her permission to believe in herself.
  • Modeling values you wish to see in the world for your daughter. The words and actions you share are the memories she will carry with her. This is the reflection of how she sees herself in the world.
  • Connect with other fathers and groups to talk about this transitional time - No one is perfect and we can all learn from one another

Please connect with us if you have a daughter in the Central Florida area to find out more about the programs we are offering to support girls and their families through coming of age programs.