beauty or Beauty?

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In a recent conversation with a dear teacher, Katharine Kruger creator of JOY Journey of a Young Woman, we were discussing how we demonstrate to girls the of value Beauty.

I really loved how she described beauty.  She says,“beauty with a small b is often seen on billboards or magazines to sell products to girls with the fear that they won’t be accepted without looking a certain way.

Beauty with a big B is Beauty all around us, inside us - it is the way we connect with the Earth and each other.”

How can we change the conversations with girls?

By saying something other than “you are so pretty” every time you see a girl can really shift her perception of how she is valued. If this is the main compliment she hears, it is easy to build beliefs that it is her job to be pretty and please others with her body.  

We can easily shift the language to compliment her Beauty, her uniqueness and the way she connects with the world around her.

Another common phrase girls hear often is “it’s what’s on the inside that matters.” Girls will be the first to see that for many people this is not reflected in their actions. People are judged and promoted by their looks and girls pick up on this quickly. It is so important to have an honest conversation and acknowledge that these different value systems do exist. We can share that we all have the choice of how we value Beauty in the way we live our lives. Letting girls know that how you show your inner light and through your actions is true Beauty.

We can invite girls to have positive experiences by noticing the Beauty around them, the Beauty within them and their direct actions and connection to the Earth. By modeling acts of kindness to those around us, honoring the Earth cycles and observing the Beauty in the places and people all around us we can redefine what Beauty means to girls. Let's open our vision so we can give them a feel for how they can weave the threads of their Beauty in the world.

May I walk in Beauty
Beauty behind me
Beauty in front of me
Beauty above and below me
Beauty all around and within me
-Navajo prayer